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  • Philadelphia: Committed to a More Sustainable Community

    preventing garage theft in PhiladelphiaBy their very definition, sustainable communities are cities that have purposely been designed to be healthy and resilient environmentally, economically and socially. Instead of focusing on fixing the issues one at a time, these cities evaluate the commonalities of the problems and offer integrated solutions. By using this approach, they can address today’s issues while also preventing the same issues from recurring in the future. This means that the next generation will be able to live a more healthy life than the one before it.

    Sustainable communities, by definition, are designed to be environmentally, economically and socially resilient and healthy. The cities and towns work toward integrated solutions to issues rather than just targeting the symptoms of each problem one at a time. This helps them to address environmental problems in the present while offering a long term solution for the future. This prevents the same issues from recurring generation after generation.

    What does a sustainable community look like? Look around you. Philadelphia is well on its way to becoming a much more sustainable community than it was just a few years ago. The use of natural resources is decreasing, and the pollution level is going down along with it. The waterways are being cleaned up, and there are more public parks and greenspaces being built every year. If you visit these parks, you will see people of all ages, cultures, races and even income levels. They all have equal access to the space, and share in a wealth of new cultural events that are being planned in Philadelphia.

    All across Philadelphia, people of all cultures and income levels are sharing in new cultural and social events. Local groups have planted neighborhood gardens in areas that were previously food deserts. Bike lanes have been added, and walking tracks have been built. Alternative power sources can be spotted all across Philadelphia, from solar panels on businesses to windmills at schools.

    There are three keys to building sustainable communities. These are the economy, the environment and social needs. By ensuring all of these aspects are addressed with an eye on permanent, sustainable solutions, the city of Philadelphia becoming a better place to live for all of its residents.

    Today, Philadelphia is much more environmentally friendly than ever before. All residents have access to cleaner air and water than they have in the past. The air is cleaner thanks to a reduction in the reliance on cars and fossil fuels which create greenhouse gases and pollution. Rivers, streams and lakes have been cleaned up, and industrial pollution has been greatly reduced.

    Doing everything possible to ensure the city is environmentally green is a big step in ensuring future generations grow up healthy. Clean water and air are important natural resources for all people. By reducing the role cars play and reducing the reliance on traditional fuel sources, air pollution is reduced. Cleaning up waterways and managing natural resources has also helped the city to become more green.

    Addressing the social needs of the most at-need communities is the last factor on this list. Philadelphia is working to ensure all residents have equal access to health care, quality educational experiences and reliable transportation. No one is overlooked in this process, because residents from all walks of life are encouraged to play a role in the process.

    Creating a more sustainable community requires that all of these factors be addressed at the same time. They must be equally strong in order to ensure the community is as sustainable as possible. If just one of these factors is not adequately addressed, the future of Philadelphia as a strong, sustainable city may be at risk.

    Much work has been done recently to make the City of Philadelphia a more sustainable community. The city’s leaders and residents are dedicated to continue striving toward better environmental health, economic stability and social equality. Because residents are involved, this goal is continuing regardless of changes in the political climates.

    In order to track the city’s progress, Philadelphia has instituted a system of more than two dozen sustainability indicators. These show the progress that has been made, and the progress that can still be made. City leaders and residents, partnering with local businesses and organizations, use these indicators to ensure all people in the area have the healthiest possible life, both for today and for the future.

    Philadelphia Dumpster Rental Pros is commited to recycling and supporting the development of more sustainable communities.


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